año | 2010 equipo técnico | ESTI SANZ – Design and construction Manager. constructor | LISA HEIN – Fine Art Profesional.
Aiga exhibition
Aiga exhibition, New York. Among the installations were a suspended world map made of bright pink string, a larger than life magnetic arrow, and a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire. Each station called visitors to interact and think about the questions: «Where did you come from?» «Why are you here?» and «Where are you going?» The large-scale mural was designed by alfalfa studio for visitors to color in. Opening night was a great success, spurring thoughtful discussions and personal reflections on how each of our own journeys are diverse. Other Esti Sanz projects: Inveztia. Concurso de ideas (Spanish)


120 m ²

Social innovation



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